Spotting Scope

Which spotting scope gives you visual range rather than leg and lung power?  The Leupold spotting scope is undoubtably your answer.  Swat Teams have voted for the Leupold Spotting Scope MarkIV  hands down.  This Leupold Spotting Scope won’t let you down and can save you from getting closer to the target and in a safer position.

Which spotting scope has been chosen by most tactical units?  The Leupold Spotting Scope MarkIV uses mil dot crosshairs to aid in firearm accuracy.  Using the reticle shaping, allows for high contrast precision when the Leupold Spotting Scope is in the hands of a skilled sniper for range within an acceptable error limit.  The Leupold Spotting Scope MarkIV comes with a tripod and a carry case.    This unit weighs only over two pounds and is 12.4 inches.

Which spotting scope has a moderate price, yet brightness, clarity and contrast?  The Burris Landmark Spotting Scope comes to mind.  This spotting scope allows you to see the bullet hole at 1000 yards.  Which spotting scope is weather resistant whether you are on a snow covered mountain or a beach?  This scope has you covered for water or foggy conditions.  The spotting scope comes with a tripod that allows for fast adjustments or for micro adjustments.  A hard sided case in which spotting scope resides keeps it safe.

Mark from Washington uses his scope for septic work: As you can see there’s lots of uses for spotting scopes.

Let us be your choice for scopes of any kind!

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